Big Spring Creek

Guided: N/A Fish Type: Trout
State: PA Current Rating: Fair
County: Cumberland Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016

Below the "Ditch", Look for better trout to be holding in deeper channels and in the undercut banks. Crayfish streamers like Chuck Kraft's Clawdad work really nice along with black and olive sculpin patterns. Midge larva and Cress bugs nymphed carefully can also bring amazing results. A local favorite is Shenk's White Minnow. Fish it slow and deep through the weed channels with a twitch here and there. CK Baitfish will also temp the larger trout that hold within the cress and undercut banks. For all Chuck Kraft fly patterns and paterials to tie all of his flies go to For our Youtube site for Chuck Kraft's instructional videos and more go to
Governed as a Heritage Trout Angling fishery, Big Spring Creek is a class A trout stream that originates from a large limestone spring one mile north of Stoughstown in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. It flows northeast from Stoughstown and joins Conodoguient Creek near the borough of Newville, PA. There is a little over one mile of fishable water from its source below the closed hatchery down to Nearly Road. The "ditch", which is located at the upper end of the creek, is where most anglers fish, and where most of the trout stay. This part of the creek stays around 53 year round, an ideal living environment for trout. SR 3007 follows the water for most of its path, providing easy access and many parking lots for fly anglers. To locate better weed beds on the creek, simply follow the road downstream along the river. Look for areas of deep water, with good vegetation. The quality water is located between the T 353 Bridge and the town of Newville.
The upper 100 feet of river from its source is closed to fishing. This area is managed as a nursery for the fish within those limits.

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