River Conditions

North Branch of the Potomac - Trout

April 18, 2018. High water conditions  through the weekend. When river drops to fishable levels Clawdads, Crittermites, Kreelex and 6th Men will take some nicer fish subsurface. Fish a double rig with the patterns listed above through pocket water and runs and you will plug some nice fish. Keep your tippet at 1x or 2x to bring larger trout to your net. If you prefer to Nymph, common bead heads will due the trick. You can't go wrogn with Pheasant tails, hares Ears, Mercers Caddis and Copper Johns. 4x should be fine for nymph fishing. If you have rising fish, work a Parachute Adams. Chances are you'll hook up. We have Fall dates available for float trips. Contact us to book.Projected Flows can be found here http://www.nab-wc.usace.army.mil/northBranch.html

Potomac River - Smallmouth

April 18, 2018. Dropping from 14 feet. Unsafe conditions. It will be a week before conditions improve. Tie some flies.....LOL.  All patterns can be found on our website. easterntrophiesflyfishing.bigcartel.com

Shenandoah River - Smallmouth

April 18, 2018. River is dropping from 7 feet. River will become fishbale once levels hit below 5 feet. Smallmouth have been taken on Clawdads in #1/0 and #2, CK Baitfish in size #1-#6/0 in white or yellow,  Musky fishing on the "Doah" is definitely in full mode. Look for deeper pools to hold nicer musky. Hangtimes, Musky Kreelex and Beauford's will hook up fish. If you want to throw smaller look to Truffle Shuffles or El Chupacabra's. 9-10 weight rods with full sink lines are the right setup for throwing larger musky flies.  Use wire or 80 lbs mono for your bite tippet.

Upper Potomac - Smallmouth

March 19, 2018. Water levels have dropped back down but water temperatures have dropped to the low 40's. Fish slow and deep with Clawdads, Crittermites and CK Baitfish. All of these patterns can be found on our website. 

Mossy Creek - Trout

March 19, 2018. Throw meat. Kreelex, Sex Dungeons, Zoo Cougars and CK Baitfish will get takes from sizeable fish. Fish 2x or 1x for your tippet. Any deeper pockets or undercut banks are key holding areas for large and more dominant predatory fish. Fish these streamer patterns aggressively with strips or jerks of the rod in order to trigger strikes from larger trout. All of the flies mentioned above are available on our catalog. 

Savage River - Trout

March 19, 2017. Savage River is fishing fair recently. Some BWO's and Midges are coming off Mid day. RS2's and Parachute Adams in #16-#18 are good bets being fished on light tippet. Nymphing deeper pockets and runs will bring some larger fish to hand. Black and Brown Stoneflies #10-#16, Copper Johns in #16, Mercers Caddis in #16, Hare Ears in #14-#18 and Pheasant Tails in #14-#18 will work well.