River Conditions

North Branch of the Potomac - Trout


May 13, 2019. River has been up with tough conditions to float. Larger Browns have been caught on #2 Kreelexes, 6th Men and Kelly Galloup Streamers like Dungeons, Nancy P's and Barely Legals. These can all be found on our catalog. Nymphing riffles and runs has also been productive the past Month and will continue to be through the Winter. #14-#16 Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, Hares Ears, Mercer's Caddis, San Juan Worms will all pull good numbers of fish for you. #4 and #6 Clawdads and Crittermites are also great patterns to nymph especially if you are looking for larger fish.  Projected Flows can be found here http://www.nab-wc.usace.army.mil/northBranch.ht


Potomac River - Smallmouth


May 13, 2019, The Potomac has been up with the recent rains we have had. Flows are forcasted to bump again this week. It will take at least 7 days for the river to drop and clear to fishable levels. If you can get access to tributaries of the main river you can catch some larger smallmouth. Look for areas that have rocks, ledges and cobble bottom. Fish Clawdads and Super Clawdads in #2-#4.0 in Wood or Black-N-Blue. CK Baitfish in White or Yellow from #2/0-#4/0 work well this time of yeIt will be at least a week until levels on the main river will drop to fishable levels. All of our fly tying materials, fly patterns and more on our catalog.  easterntrophiesflyfishing.bigcartel.co


Shenandoah River - Smallmouth


May 13, 2019, The Doah's flows have been up for most of the Spring but the river has still been fishable. Recent rains have the river between 4-5 foot. Fish big #2-#4/0. 6th Men are awesome in off color water. We like to fish these in #2/0 during this time of year. Clawdads, Crittermites in Black, Wood and Black-N-Blue have been the most productive colors.  CK Baitfish in White and Yellow work very well also. Fish them big in #4/0. All of our fly tying materials, fly patterns and more on our catalog.  easterntrophiesflyfishing.bigcartel.com


Upper Potomac - Smallmouth


November 15, 2018. It's Musky time on the Upper Potomac. 8-10 weights, Sinking lines and Big Flies. #5/0 Musky Critter Dogs, #2/0-#4/0 Kreelexes, #2/0 Hangtime Optic Minnows and #2/0-#4/0 Beufords are what we are throwing. Deeper pools are where the fish are this time of year. Look for dark water and ledge type areas. Wood structure will also hold fish. Use 80lbs bite tippet or wire to ensure a solid hook set. All of our fly tying materials, fly patterns and more on our catalog.  easterntrophiesflyfishing.bigcartel.com 

Mossy Creek - Trout


September 12, 2018. Mossy has had a tough year. Record setting flood levels really caused some havoc and destruction. The trout are still there though. Flows have been high and off color. The rains this weekend from the hurricane could raise levels on Mossy to destructive levels again. Send us an email for current conditions. 

Location X - Smallmouth


 May 9, 2019. Location X continues to be an amazing options when other rivers are too high. Articulated Clawdads, Topwater CK Baitfish, Clawdads, Topwater Kreelex and Topwater bugs are all pulling nice fish.  All of our fly tying materials, fly patterns and more on our catalog.  easterntrophiesflyfishing.bigcartel.com