The Fly Patterns We Fish


"The best crayfish pattern ever developed." Proven for over 3 decades, the Clawdad is dependable, durable and deadly. The jig-n-pig for the fly rod fisherman. 


Outlawed in 1 fly tournaments because it was "too effective." This is the fly that gives you 100 fish days. This is the fly we recon new water with. This fly makes slow days amazing days. 

CK Baitfish

Smallmouth, Trout, Redfish, Largemouth, Seatrout, Cobia, Musky and much more. Chuck Kraft designed this fly to be the "super fluke" for the fly rod angler.

Chuck Kraft's Excalibur

For 3 decades Chuck Kraft has been fishing cork topwater bugs The Excalibur pictured above is the most productive color, style and size of any other. "If it's not broke, don't fix it." You fish it. We don't make any style of Chuck Kraft bug unless if has been productive and effective.


Publicly released in January of 2014, the Crittermite has lived up to it's fame of being called "The Best Helgrammite Fly" ever by professionals in the industry. Don't get fooled by the "knock off" tails. Our favorite size is #4 in Black or Wood. 

Topwater Kreelex

Developed in 2010, the Topwater Kreelex has been Eastern Trophies best Topwater pattern to date. Once you fish one, you won't want to fish anything else. A Topwater Crankbait style fly that is truly amazing.

Sex Dungeons

Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon has been a staple for clients that want big Trout or Big Smallmouth. The movement of this fly is unlike any other. Fish it with jerk strips using the rod and its deadly. Jig it in colder conditions and you will see results that will leave you shocked. These are available on our catalog. 

CK Boga Bugs

If you like bug fishing for smallmouth bass, Chuck Kraft's Boga Bugs will make you fall in love with bug fishing. Made from cork, these flies are a little easier to cast and can really get the job done with late Summer low water levels. Use the Crittermite or Damsel tails to finish off the back.


The work horse of our fly arsenal. Described by professionals in the industry as the best crayfish pattern ever developed. The Clawdad gets the job done again and again and again. Our favorite size and color.....#2 Wood.