Trip Information

Basic Information


Eastern Trophies run float trips year round for Trout and Smallmouth Bass. We have 20 different float options we can do for Trout and/or Smallmouth Bass. We take 1 or 2 anglers per trip. We can accommodate larger groups also. Lunch is included for all float trips. For our Extended Day Floats we provide boat lunch and dinner on the river. We cater to what you like, so your choice of food and beverages is endless. 



Each trips is different so meet times with vary. Most of the time we meet clients between 7am-8am. and we float until 5 or 6. For our Extended Day Float trips, we meet before dawn and fish until 8-9pm. We have hotel recommendations for you for the different locations we float.  



For both the trout and smallmouth floats we recommend 9 foot, 6-7 weight rods. We throw some large flies, but more importantly we have larger fish on these trips and having a larger rods helps set the hook easier. All flies are included on our trips.You are welcome to use our equipment on floats too. We fish R.L. Winston Rods. For leaders, we use 3x-0x leaders. Leaders are not included on your float so its a good idea to get a few.  

How Many Fish Will I catch?

The amount

The amount of fish you catch really depends on the time of year, what species of fish you are trying to catch, which float you do, weather, flows and how skilled of an angler you are. For trout floats you can expect 10-50 fish depending on the factors listed above. For smallmouth floats, you can expect to catch 20-120 fish per float. The size of fish will also vary on those factors but we do specialize in targeting larger Trout and Smallmouth Bass. 

Fully Licensed & Insured


Eastern Trophies is fully licensed and insured. Your safety is always my first priority when I am guiding you. We will always be honest about river conditions and weather conditions. We are prepared for all emergencies on the river. Our boats are fully equipped with PFD's and First Aid kits. I am fully trained in First Aid and CPR. I am also very experienced with guiding handicapped anglers and anglers with physical limitations. Please don't hesitate to inform me about any special needs, considerations or accommodations you may have for your float trip.

How to Book


There are 3 ways to book. You can call us. You can email us. Or you can talk to us directly at any of the shows we do. A $100 deposit is required to book a day. Your deposit is not refundable. If we need to reschedule due to weather or river conditions, your deposit rolls over to another date. We will always be direct and honest with you about what we think is best for your float. Your deposit stays on the books until you take your trip.