Reproductions and Paintings

Catch a Fish of a Liftime?


If you have caught the fish of a lifetime, Eastern Trophies can recreate your memory to last for generations to come. Technology has enabled us to create a lifelike reproduction that doesn't use the actual fish you caught. The detail of our blanks is lifelike, our use of airbrush and paintbrush express the detail of the fish you caught and your reproduction will not deteriorate over time. Pricing will vary depending on your display choice, but you can estimate your reproduction costing $17 per inch. Driftwood, river rock and other additional items will cost extra. Click below for quote.

Reproduction quote

Table Mounting Options


The mount above is happily living in Livingston Montana. Table mount options are endless and incorporate driftwood, river rock and more. Crayfish, baitfish and other river life are also options. Table mounts are mounted on special laminate wood bases that will not warp over time. The fly used to catch the fish can also be incorporated into the display using driftwood. The driftwood used is often as unique as the reproduction itself. 

Custom to Match Client's Vision


Your reproduction can be a wall mount or table mount. Options are endless in regards to adding driftwood, rover rock, crayfish and more. Having an idea of where you will display your mount is important so we know what size limitations we are dealing with. The above mount was done for Governor O'Malley of Maryland on behalf of the Mid Atlantic Board of Trout Unlimited. 

Custom Oil Paintings


Eastern Trophies works with a team of very talented artists that create oil paintings from your photographs. Sizes range from 10"x24" all the way up to 4'x6' hanging wall murals. All paintings are done on high quality canvas. Paintings are usually completed in 2-3 weeks. Eastern Trophies can have your painting stretched and framed if you desire. Our prices will shock you and the quality will amaze you.

Painting Quote

Each Painting Done by Hand


Each of our paintings are created by an individual artist. There are no machines or printers used. The painting above was done for a client years ago. It depicts an angler fishing the PHD pool on the North Branch of the Potomac river in Barnum, WV. This is the pool at the first parking lot at Barnum. Many of you are probably familiar with it. 

Not Just Fishing


Over the years, most of our paintings have actually been done as gifts for families and loved ones. This is a great gift idea for a Birthday, Holiday, Graduation, Anniversaries, Births, Weddings and more.  Your painting is proofed by you. Once it gains your approval it is then shipped or delivered to you. If you prefer your painting to be stretched and/or framed we can give you a quote for that. 

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