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Presentations are given January through May of each year. If you would like William to come speak to your Chapter or Club, feel free to contact him. His presentations are top notch and are designed to teach anglers techniques and tactics that they can use for a lifetime. Presentations are 1 hour to 1 and a half hours in duration. Presentations cannot be shorter. Fly Tying Demonstrations can be a few hours long to 1 or 2 day events.



Events can be catered to the needs of your organization or group. Topics are focused on Fly Fishing for Trout and/or Smallmouth Bass. Fly tying instruction is also available and can be added to a  presentation. 

In order to get the most out of an event, presentations run 90m minutes or longer. All day events or 2 day weekend events are also possible. Email us directly to schedule. 

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"William's experience as a Teacher and Coach comes through as a fly fishing guide and fly tying instructor. His presentations are engaging, exciting, entertaining, funny and full of information even the most experienced anglers can learn from."



Presentation topics include Trophy Trout Fishing, Smallmouth Fishing, Streamer Tactics for Trophy Fish, Topwater Smallmouth Fishing, Spin Tactics for Smallmouth and Trout, Chuck Kraft Fly Patterns for Trout and Smallmouth Bass and more. 

Fly Tying Demos


William provides many Fly Tying events each year throughout the Mid Atlantic Region. Fly Tying demonstrations cover Chuck Kraft patterns in addition to patterns William has designed over the years like the 6th Man and Topwater Kreelex. Chuck Kraft is also available for special fly tying events. Contact William for booking himself or Chuck Kraft.



William and Chuck tend to get booked fast and for certain months, years in advance. We ask that we have at least 2 months advanced notice to prepare for the event and to also advertise it to the public to get better attendance. Use the button below to contact us and we can answer any questions you may have. Our second favorite thing to do is to do shows and presentations. Our first is to be on the river.

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