Our Boats

We started with arguably the best in the business and made them better.

Choice of boat depends on water flows and the river we are floating.

16' RO Tailwater Skiff


This is our cadillac. If there is enough water, we are in the RO. Sleak, quiet, roomy and designed by the best drift boat company in the business. Plenty of room for both anglers, casting thigh bars, 4 recessed areas for fully rigged fly rods, custom cushioned traction mats, cup holders, pullied anchor system, custom trolling motor mount, sawyer oars, drafts 2" and its green just like our Winston rods. Want more info? Go to the RO website below.

RO Drift Boats

14' NRS Expedition


With Casting Platforms and thigh bars to lock into our boat is stable enough to fish through class III Rapids. For our tougher access floats this is our "Ford Bronco." Two 9' Rod Tubes keep extra fly rods lined and ready to go. Elite anchor system lets us anchor in even the roughest of rapids to target back water eddies and pocket water in even the highest of water conditions. Tough, Dependable and can get us into the tightest spots where larger fish roam. Feel free to email us if you have questions about our boats.

NRS Boats