Eastern Trophies Instructional Videos

With Winter Trout season in full swing, the 6th Man is a great pattern for both Rainbow and Brown Trout. This is what happens when you mix two of Chuck Kraft's all time best flies the Kreelex and the Clawdad. Developed in 2006, the 6th Man is one of our most productive streamer patterns used to catch Trout, Smallmouth and Redfish. 

The CK Baitfish is arguably one of the best baitfish patterns ever developed. The CK is simply described by clients of Chuck Kraft as Durable, Dependable and Deadly. Proven for decades and catching any predatory fish in both fresh and saltwater. Look for the kits on our website which include all of the materials Chuck Kraft and William used to tie them. 

The Topwater Kreelex is one fly you want to have in your Smallmouth Box. This pattern has been our top producing Topwater pattern for our clients and customers since 2004. When fished correctly, the action is deadly with one client describing it as a pattern that has better moves than  the pole dancer fly.