Eastern Trophies Instructional Videos

The Clawdad is without a doubt our best producing Spring and Summer pattern for both Smallmouth Bass and Trout. Black-N-Blue, Wood, and Black are all great early Spring colors to use. We are often fishing a #1-#2/0 Clawdad this time of year. All materials can be found on our catalog along with the fly tying kits.

Wait......hold up!!!! Trout on Cork Bugs? Yuuuuup!!! Been fishing these for years along with other Chuck Kraft Bugs for trout. South America and Montana but Virginia? Brook Trout? The proof is in the pudding people and the pudding is Chuck Kraft's Boga Bug.

The Topwater Kreelex is one fly you want to have in your Smallmouth Box. This pattern has been our top producing Topwater pattern for our clients and customers since 2004. When fished correctly, the action is deadly with one client describing it as a pattern that has better moves than  the pole dancer fly.

Developed in 2006 the 6th Man has grown into a go to pattern for Trout, Smallmouth Bass and Redfish. The 6th Man is a merging of a Kreelex and Clawdad in one fly. Extremely effective in either dirty or clear water. Eastern Trophies often fishes the pattern as a tandem streamer rig getting it down and dirty where the big fish hold. These are available on our catalog.

Chuck Kraft's Slotted Bug

On bright, sunny days in the Summer you can't beat a Yellow Chuck Kraft Slotted Bug. This video shows you the capabilities this pattern has for catching consistently large Smallmouth Bass. The purple coloring o the belly along with it's red eyes brings the more dominant Smallmouth Bass up to the surface. Deadly, Durable and Dependable. These flies can be found on our website. If you are a fly tier, kits are also available that give you all the materials needed to make the pattern.